Krisztián Bogár won the Hungarian International FootGolf Cup

The two day long Hungarian International FootGolf Cup ended up with Hungarian success. All the three medals have been won by home players. In both rounds Krisztián Bogár overtook the world champion Béla Lengyel.

Wonderful landscape and clear sunny sky welcomed the participants of the Hungarian International FootGolf Cup on the weekend in Kisoroszi.

55 players lined up totally, and on the first day they could watch the brilliant way of playing by Krisztián Bogár and Béla Lengyel. On Saturday, Krisztián finished the race with 68 shots, while Béla reached 69 shots, so they gained a huge lead above all the other contenders. Just to prove the domination of the Bogár-Lengyel duo: the third place-player, Gábor Fazekas, finished the 18 holes by 74 shots. The fourth was István Hevesi Tóth (77), followed by Zsolt Dombay (78) on Saturday.

The sixth position went to Switzerland due to Cédric Jenni, followed by Dutch player, Jim Kuipers and Slovakian Attila Lukács.

The kick-off started at 10 a.m. on Sunday as the balls were waiting for the players to resume the game. The first four places were conquered by Hungarian kickers so they continued the competition in one flight (as it is written in the rules). The top players of the first day (Krisztián Bogár, Béla Lengyel, Gábor Fazekas and István Hevesi Tóth) were the last ones to start the game. Soon everyone realised that Fazekas and Hevesi Tóth couldn’t get closer to the first two positions.

Bogár doubled his advantage at the first hole, and even so, during the third section the difference became wider. But on the next runs the holder of the world champion title was able to reduce his disadvantage to minimum.

But Bogar gained back the three-kick-difference lead during the sixth round. The atmosphere was friendly, nevertheless the battle was hard: Lengyel made a great effort and he climbed back to set up the one shot difference again. Bogár and Lengyel followed this storyline until the end of the game. Before the very last round the difference grew to three which proved to be unbeatable in the final phase.

Finally, Bogár closed the second day with 69, while Lengyel reached only 72 (par). According to the results of the two days the winner of the Hungarian Internation FootGolf Cup became Krisztián Bogár followed by Béla Lengyel. Gábor Fazekas could secure the third position (152). The best foreign result was brought by the Swiss Cédric Jenni (153), which meant the fourth position for him.

Krisztián Bogár: – I am so happy with my clever and calm performance. The 68-69 result justify my mental tactics. I came here so relaxed and therefore I could focus well. Sometimes the game became so close, but even when I had made a mistake I looked forward to the next shot. I always wanted to solve only the next challenge, I went through the rounds step by step. I felt some pressure on the second day because of my pole position, but I could handle it, and finally I enjoyed the game so much.

Béla Lengyel: – I am so satisfied with my result. When you finish a game under a par, that’s always awesome. I am also so happy that Krisztián Bogár won the cup, because I showed him the magical world of footgolf. I had only a one shot difference before Sunday, but I couldn’t concentrate well through the first nine holes. But Saturday was the best course of my entire life! This is a complex sport, you need luck, good condition and appropriate skills, and sometimes you don’t have all these ingredients. Krisztian was in better form, I congratulate him!

Gábor Fazekas: – I usually play better during the one day long tournaments. I felt myself so tired both phisically and mentally on Sunday. I had a small injury, which was a bit annoying too. A player always wants to win, so I woke up on Sunday morning with the desire of the first place. After the first five sections I realized that I would need a miracle to achieve my goal. So I thought over my purpose, and wanted to end up a race under or about a par. I didn’t want to look back, it’s always a wrong tactic. Unfortunately my second day was weaker than the previous one, and I admit I needed some luck to keep the third place. I think the footgolf in Hungary is so good, and according to this, the final result is rightful.

Gábor Gelencsér, head of organization: – Due to our sponsors we could organize a perfect event again, and fortunately the weather was on our side as well. I am so grateful for the members of the Hungarian Golf Club, without them, we couldn’t hold such a professional tournament. We are so proud of the fact that so many countries were participating. It seemed like they had a great time in Hungary. Hopefully we will do this tournament next year by involving more countries. I send my congratulations for the winners!

Final result:

1. Krisztián Bogár 137

2. Béla Lengyel 140

3. Gábor Fazekas 152

4. Cédric Jenni 153

Special award for the best from every participating countries:

Belgium: David Aerts 157

Croatia: Mario Maric 170

Hungary: Krisztián Bogár 137

Italy: Marco Caricato 168

Netherlands: Jim Kuipers 154

Slovakia: Attila Lukacs 158

Switzerland: Cédric Jenni 153

United Kingdom: Paul Killick 181

Hole in one special award:

Zoltán Váradi (Slovakia), first day, hole 17