The Hungarian cup thru foreign lense

The Hungarian International FootGolf Cup held in Kisoroszi had a lot of foreign players. We asked some of them, how did they feel themselves and what should we know about their countries’ footgolf life.

Jim Kuipers: – Footgolf can be an olympic sport

– It was a great weekend, the organisation was great again – said Jim Kuipers from Holland. – I am delighted with my score too. I would like to finished in the top ten. After the first day I was in the seventh place, the second day I achieved the third. So, after that I ranked fifth, which is great. I was afraid of the second hole. It was hard, because the Hungarians can practice there in Kisoroszi, when they just want it.

Jim Kuipers told us, in his home they organised a cup, which ended some time ago. To be in the final there was preliminary games.

– Retired football stars, like Frand de Boer or Roy Makaay were among the participants. It was up to par. The game is more and more popular in Holland and in the world too. We, footgolfers are better than the football players in this sport, because the aim is different in the two sports. Here you have to stop the ball in a place. But they learn a lot when they play with us. It is not a surprise, that Kenneth Perez tried it too, and the whole Ajax played it thanks to de Boer.

He said, now it is hard to talk about the new generation, because, his home is not ready for that yet. There is only one club, where it can be played.

– There are more and more participants, but the tendency is minimal. But it is cheerful that if someone tries it, he wants to play again, falling in love at first look. We try to reach that thing at youth level. I think footgolf will be an olympic sport within twenty years.


Julien Babel: – Now, I am stronger mentally

Julien Babel gave the interview by limping. But the Swiss player has not injured in Hungary.

– I can’t believe it, what had happened to me before the cup. I was on my scooter, when a vehicle got too close to me, and I hit a stone next to the wall. My big toe got so huge. I came here as someone who has a chance to win the game, but it throwed back. But I think, I am lucky not to injured harder. But because of this accident I could not earn better result. I kicked with my weaker foot. I could not chock well. But I became stronger mentally after these two days.

He told about footgolf in Switzerland, it is not an easy thing. The French part of the country loves it, the media handle it well, but the German part ignore it.

– Next to Geneve there is a court just for footgolf. So there are possibilites to be better, we try to organise five-six events in a year.


Leonardo Decaria: – Tuesday is footgolf day

Leonardo Decaria, the Italian player told good news, footgolf is starting a tour in his country.

– It will be in twenty regions, and some big names will participate in it. Retired football players and beach soccer players are going to play it. We organised a great international cup in some weeks ago with more than eighty players. There will be competition in 18th October and 25th October.

He said that in one of the golf court Tuesday was footgolf day, which is a big step. There are regular holes in some golf courts too. He was happy to had the possibility to return to Hungary, where the first World Cup was held, and met the great Hungarian players.

– I met with great persons again. The WC-winner Béla Lengyel is the best example how can someone find for himself the best sport. It is not football, it is something else. For example I was beaten by a twelve-year old boy. I kicked bigger, but he finished better. It is a game played with brain.

He praised the grass in Kisoroszi, and the renewed court, which is harder and more tricky that was earlier.


Paul Killick: – We have to keep the familiar style

– I know Gábor and his team, so I was sure, that the organisation will be perfect. They made a great atmosphere – said Paul Killick from England. – Everything was fine. The meal, the seving, the accomodation and the travelling. And of course the competition was great.

He told us, that they are lucky in Great Britain.

– We have the most amount of golf course, and the most passionate football fans in the world. And because of the low attendance of the courts they need footgolf. There are 25 places in Britain where you can play our sport. Thanks to the social media it is more and more popular. Our president makes huge efforts to help footgolf.

It is a possibility that some of the traditionally big footbal clubs or the national team is going to try it.

– We have to be careful. We want to earn more and more achievement, but we want to keep the familiar style of it. We must control the events.

Among the plans they want footgolf be more popular with the help of football legends, who are now commentators.


Jurgen Wouters: – Belgium needs some years to catch the best nations

– It was the second time for me in Hungary, and I enjoyed it again. I want to come next time, because there are nice friends here – said Jurgen Wouters from Belgium. – The court is now shorter than it was in the World Cup, and it is harder too. If I have had more time to practice I would have been better, maybe I would have kicked ten less. Because of that it was an advantage for the Hungarians. In my results you can see, that after the first day I improved my game. The winner needs to be balanced in the weekend. I admire them, who can play like this.

He said, that in Belgium there was a federation, but it did not work, so they have to start from the beginning.

– In this time it happenned nothing, so we reorganise the whole thing. We work hard to close up. We are not so far from the top, but need some years to catch them.