Lengyel won the four-nation cup

The first and only one world champion, Béla Lengyel won the International Pavia FootGoolf Cup in Italy. In strange weather conditions the Hungarian got the gold medal by shootout.

Besides the host nation’s players, Belgian, Holland and Hungarian (Lengyel Béla, Bogár Krisztián, Varga Gábor, Kuts Zoltán, Feleki Gábor) footgolfers tried to brave the elements (6-8 degrees, pouring rain), and absolve the nine holes twice.

In the very technical course of Ticino Golf Club nobody could kick par. The Hungarian Béla Lengyel, the Italian Daniele Ranucci and the Holland Simon Wetzel were the best by finishing with +two (74). Because of this, they had to go back to the grass to decide who would win the last big competition of the year. The world champion finished it with only three toches (winning the cup), while his rivals kicked the ball four times. Because of Ranucci had the nearest kick, he got the silver and Wetzel the bronze medal. The Belgian Peter Wotjkowiak’s fourth place means, they thought serious, when they said some weeks ago in Hungary, they wanted to be closer to the best players. Krisztián Bogár (Hungary) finished fifth.

In the nations test tournament Italy was the best with 229 kicks just one ahead of Belgium (230) and another one of Hungary (231). Holland grabbed the fourth place (246).