The wedding of Mr Foot and Ms Golf

Violetta Török and Gábor Gelencsér celebrated their wedding in a very unique way. The vice-president of the Hungarian Golf Club and the founder of the Hungarian Footgolf married at the beginning of August. The Hungarian footgolfers played an elegant, but joyful cup in Kisoroszi.

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Game over Mr FootGolf! – It was written on Gábor’s tie. Beside the family and relatives Mr. FootGolf invited his footgolf friends to the party, too. The place was the Hungarian Golf Club’s court, of course. The two day program contained some holes where all the guys wore elegant shirt and tie among the footgolf hat and socks. The result was not important, but the occassion itself. It was a unique and extraordinary event with lots of laugh and fun. The whole world knows the Hungarian mentality and habit therefore many palinka has been finished before, during and after the game.

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The show must go on. Gábor carry-on to get more publicity for footgolf in Hungary and all over the World.

You can watch the short movie about the event, just click HERE.

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In the name of footgolfers we wish a very happy marrige for the young couple!