David Mancino won the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup

After a very entertaining ending, David Mancino from Switzerland was the best in Kisoroszi, at the course of Hungarian Golf Club. The fresh Hungarian national champion, Béla Lengyel finished in the second position, while Cristophe Beaten was the third.


From five countries more than sixty players came along to decide, who is the best in Kisoroszi in a two-day tournament. This cup was the part of the European Trophy Tour (ETT). On Saturday the world champion, Béla Lengyel was the best, but on Sunday the Swiss David Mancino played very well, and have won the game by just one kick before Lengyel. Cristophe Beaten from Belgium finished in third place.

David Mancino: – This cup had a great atmosphere. It is a very hard course. I played so focused, but I also needed luck to win this tournament.


Béla Lengyel: – I lost the cup on Saturday. I finished it in first place, but I missed some kicks. On Sunday it paid off.


Christophe Beaten: – We had great weather conditions and organization. At the final stage it was so much pressure on me, and I only finished third, but I have had a chance to win the cup.


Result of the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup:

1. David Mancino 140

2. Béla Lengyel 141

3. Christophe Beaten 142

1 23456

The next game of the ETT will be held in Belgium on 11-12th October. The last stage will be held in Portugal on 29-30th November.